FurryMap is intended as an improvement to the list that was in the FA spain account and to be able to add more furries that do not use that website.

The first load of users was the list that was in said FA account, if you were in that list but you do not want to appear on the map, see About how to do it.

The objective is to be able to see the approximate location of the furries on the map and quick access to their contact information from social networks.


  • You can only add yourself.
  • The social media accounts you add must be real and owned by you.
  • You have to follow the instructions indicated by E-mail to be added to the map.
  • Youtube and Facebook accounts must have custom URLs.
  • You must add at least one account that has direct messages open publicly, otherwise you will be rejected automatically.

These rules can be modified at any time without prior notice.


  • Add another person.
  • Use foul language in any language.
  • Add fake or nonexistent social media accounts.
  • Add other people's social media accounts.

These prohibitions can be modified at any time without prior notice.

How to use the map

On the map you can see two types of icons:

  • Icon locate This icon points to a city, and indicates that there are furries there, when clicking on the icon a box will appear with the list of furries in that city, and when clicking on the name of one of them, a window will appear with their data.
  • Icon no located This icon collects furries that have not wanted to provide a specific location where they reside or reside in areas that are not yet added to the web (*). It has the same functionality as the previous one if you click on it.

The countries that are marked on the map indicate that there is at least one furry resident in that country. By clicking on each area, a box will appear with the number of furries residing in that area and the list of users will be displayed.

The user list is an alternative way of seeing the furries of each place, clicking on the icon positions that furry or place in the map.

(*) Pending to add more countries and areas.

Upcoming Features

Add the regions of more countries.

A search engine by name.

Badge system for those who help to improve the web and those who spend more time on the map.

Be able to add an avatar.


To Maho for creating this website and transferring the data from FA's Spain account to here.

To Tenecayr and Caru for helping in the creation of the logo.

To Tronchy for allowing to use the subdomain and hosting of furry.es.

To Google Translate for the translations. (We need people to review them).